Château de Versailles - Boudoir de La Reine XL
Château de Versailles - Boudoir de La Reine XL

Château de Versailles - Boudoir de La Reine XL

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Château de Versailles - Boudoir de la Reine

Boudoir de La Reine is a feminine scented candle with true floral spiced femininity inspired by Queen Marie-Antoinette’s adoration of flowers, including rose and jasmine.
The Queen’s boudoir was her refuge to escape from the constraints of etiquette. She overviewed the work of this room very closely, thus, visiting this room is equal to an encounter of the personal taste of the very first lady of Versailles.

The fragrance is structured around three hot spices: pepper which gives a warm and bewitching facet, cumin which gives a sensual character, and clove that gives it a mysterious power, almost like an aphrodisiac. A real olfactory explosion dressed with notes of rose and jasmine.
At the bottom, the white wood, sandalwood and musk give a soaring full of audacity to this candle made in France, ideal to enjoy moments of relaxation in the lounge.


Made with Mixed Candle Wax: Vegetable and Mineral
Burning time: +/-120h
4 wicks in braided cotton
Notes: Elemi
Cumin - Clove Cinnamon
Rose - Jasmine
Musk - Sandalwood
White Woods - Amber


Height: 15cm
Diameter: 15cm
1.5 KG.