Maison Berger Paris, since 1898

      Some destinies are exceptional; some stories cannot be made up. Some ideas are just waiting to be thought - those of the women and men behind the emblem. Some scenarios are written thanks to a wonderful inspiration, with the promise of many future episodes.

      Maison Berger Paris is one of these wonderful stories. Form its Lampe Berger to its entire Maison, the brand has been writing a timeless novel since the end of the 19th century.

      In 1898, a man, who at the time was a pharmacy dispenser, created a little object to purify the air in hospital rooms.
      A unique concept was born: purify air and destroy unwanted odours, rather than just hide them.
      A unique technique was thus invented: the catalytic burner.
      An unexpected object was designed: the Lampe Berger.

      The public was quickly excited about the idea, and the universe of the arts became passionate about the object. This was at the dawn of the 20th century, the Art Nouveau period, the meeting between the beautiful and the useful, the emergence of designer objects in everyday life.

      Carried along by the approval of a generation of artists and the enthusiasm of master perfumers, Maurice Berger thus began collaborations with well-known artists and craftspeople. He wrote the first chapter of his story and laid the first stone of his Maison.

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      8 products