Jam - Melon Basilic
Jam - Melon Basilic
Jam - Melon Basilic

Jam - Melon Basilic

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Jam - Melon Basilic

Perfect for Cheese Plate!

Artisanal product - Each sort of jam is carefully prepared with fresh fruit, stewed in brass caldrons as in olden days.

Tubes are convenient, hygienic and easier to transport than traditional glass recipients. This type of packaging avoid oxidation caused by light, and it better preserves and protects the taste and color of fruit and other ingredients used for production.

The bursting disc protects the product from air, thus enabling the properties of the product to remain intact until first use.

The tube is ideal for home, picnics, hiking... For cheese, jam or honey.

Ingredients: Melon, Baselic

Made in France