Couverts White Placemat - Made in France

Couverts White Placemat - Made in France

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A place mate full of trompe-l’oeil … false cutleries printed with such realism you might try to catch them!

Decorate your table with this beautiful place mate and its cutlery pattern on a white background and amaze your guests with these trompe-l’oeil so real…

A velvet polyester inkjet printed place mate

This cloth represents a fine photo editing of a table and its cutleries, which were numerically developed in order to get de best quality possible on textile. Nice and realistic trompe-l’oeil

Let’s distinguish the true from the false!

The slight advantage: good hold thanks to the thick fabric, durable and easy to wash.

Exist in 6 different colours in order to match all of your tables.

Size: 65x45 cm
100% Polyester